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My interest in food began at a very early age. I know this because I have documented proof. At age 11 I took my first trip unaccompanied by any adult to my favorite place in the whole world: Switzerland to visit with my family there. My Grandmother in Buffalo, N.Y. gave me a little bound journal with gold trim in which to record my adventures. Looking through this journal or any other journal that I kept from subsequent trips will reveal that I love food. In the pages of my journals I would recount not only what transpired, what the weather might have been, or interesting sights I’d visited – I would write about the great food that I enjoyed. Some of the best memories that I have are around a table, whether in Switzerland, or my back yard in Lexington, MA where I grew up, I can be transported to places and times by recreating the same meals that I enjoyed on other occasions. It’s this strong connection between food and memories that has inspired the cook in me.

The idea to blog about the food that I like to cook came from hearing some of my friends tell me they rarely cook, they tend to cook the same few dishes over and over, or they simply don’t know how to cook. I present these recipes with these friends in mind and try to inspire the cook in anyone and everyone to try these recipes that happen to be simple, tasty, and healthy (with the occasional indulgence here and there ;) ).
When it comes to food, I like to keep the ingredients, flavors, and preparation as simple as possible. I also like to use the freshest ingredients that I can find to create healthy meals.

I am 27 years old and currently reside in Santa Monica, CA with my boyfriend Kareem. I am one part Swiss, one part American. I love traveling, spending time outdoors, and I love anything to do with food (eating it, cooking it, entertaining with it, shopping for it, etc.).

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Positano, Italy Summer 2005